Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Home Work


We are a family of homebodies,
so the statewide order to stay home
doesn't change our routine much.
While I am still working,
Big K is home full-time for a while
and C couldn't be happier about that.

Not everyone feels the same way about being home.
Some folks feel the need to be out and about,
and this stretch of time will be a challenge.
There are so many things we can do to pass the time,
and I thought I would share some posts on the subject.
Feel free to browse through them
and click on anything that might hold your interest.

1.   Growing sprouts and microgreens-
With just a jar, a few seeds and some water,
you can start growing salad or sandwich fixins'.

 2.  Growing food in containers-
Pretty much anything counts here,
produce bins, 5-gallon buckets, coffee cans.
They can all be used to grow crops that feed your family.

3.  Making homemade bread-
With a few basic ingredients that are most likely
already in the cupboard,
a savory loaf of bread can fill the house 
with the most intoxicating aroma.

4.  Making laundry soap and foaming soap-
These two staples are so easy to put together,
using things that are probably already in your home.

 5.  Hanging laundry-
The simple pleasure of allowing the sun and the wind
to dry your clothes is like a gift from Mother Nature.


6.  Become a bird watcher-
Most folks have access to bird guides online,
so try keeping a record of all the birds that visit your area.

7.  Relish nature's bounty-
Springtime is so full of life and awakenings,
there's no end to the things that can be discovered
just by combing your own property or neighborhood.


8.  Find a new favorite family activity-
whether you like to play board games, cards
or bake together, having ample free time is such a blessing. 

Here are a few other homesteading posts
I thought you might enjoy.

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  1. Your list of interesting things to do and start at home is certainly encouraging and timely...I hope we could all benefit and take advantage for present situation when we all have to be home. Thanks for sharing them in your blog post, Daisy:)

    1. It's always my pleasure to keep the good stuff moving...
      Hope all is well on your homestead.

  2. Great ideas. I couldn't help but notice all the usnea on the feed the birds pic. Been pondering if I should start doing sourdough again. We're homebodies too, and doubt we'll mind staying home at all. We have plenty to do and are easily amused :o).

    1. I'm sure you'll keep plenty busy! You always do!

  3. Some good ideas. Our stay-at-home order is not a hardship for me. Other than having to do the grocery shopping now, my life has barely changed. LOL

    1. Yes, we are in the same boat. It's good to be a homesteader! ;0D

  4. Biz çalışıyoruz ve evde kalamıyoruz. Ama sadece işe git ve gel. O kadar.

    1. I'm sure you are taking the needed precautions. Stay well.

  5. So happy for C to have his dad home more. What a nice opportunity for them. It hasn't changed a whole lot of our weekday routine either but for some reason I'm working in the kitchen more than I usually do. I should get to work in the garden in the next week or two. Great ideas!! Wishing you and your family well.

    1. I'm sure you'll be kept busy! The garden is soon to be in full swing!
      Thank you for visiting and for the good wishes.

  6. I hear ya - I've been home since 1995 so this apparent new normal has been my life. Robert decided to actually go back to work to help with cargo planes and I went with him which is what wisteria lane was all about. Perspective is everything! Hugs and stay well.

    1. Ah, I was wondering why y'all were traveling.
      Y'all stay safe too.


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