Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Community Workday for April

Happy May Day!
Has spring shown up where you are?
I'm starting to think that She may actually stick around!
We've had gorgeous days in the 70's and a smattering of rainy days.

Today we're taking a field trip 
to the Community Garden in Denver,
where we recently had one of our monthly workdays.
This garden helps to feed folks in our area
with freshly-grown produce provided by sponsors of these beds.

It was a bit nippy on this Saturday morning,
but we had a list of chores to complete.
Each month, the Community Garden Club gets together
to take on one of the never-ending tasks necessary to keep this project on target.
Here's what we did last month.

We found out that we had an issue with the timing system
for the irrigation.
Apparently, the water stayed on all night,
so when we arrived the next morning,
we found a soggy mess in some of the walkways
and most of the beds we had planned on sowing.

Some of the beds had already been planted,
and looked mighty fine!
Salad, anyone?

Here, peas begin their ascent up a trellis.

This cool bamboo support was found in another bed.

Goodies wherever you look!

A few of the beds were dry enough to sow,
so our members got to work planting some of the provided seedlings.

These starts were purchased from a local nursery.

A sea of possibilities lies in these well-tended beds.

Another group of gardeners worked on the grapevine.
The vine had started to reach over to the fence,
so the support for it was moved away from it
so that it wouldn't be able to stray too far from its intended spot.

The vine is coming back quickly after a long, lingering winter.

Another member and myself took on the task
of turning the compost pile.
We moved all of the greener debris to the middle of the pile,
so that we could uncover the good stuff underneath.

And boy, did we find it!
We replenished the beautiful, rich compost on the right side of the bin
so that the new additions of branches, weeds and vines
could be started over on the left side.
This compost is about 2 years old
and it was ready to use.
What a treasure for all the gardeners who have boxes to nurture!

I look forward to every project the group takes on.
It feels good to give back,
knowing that we are supporting our community
with every motion of our trowels and pitchforks.
After all, we're all in this together!

Do you have a community garden where you live?

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