Friday, April 27, 2018

Garden Friday & Going Local Series

Welcome to Garden Friday!
We're taking a field trip today to  
just outside of Denver, NC.

 Mike's has been in business for over 10 years
and carries just about everything a gardener could need.

 Don't let this modest building fool you,
Mike's has an expansive selection of plants, tools 
and whatever else you might need to make your gardening dreams come true!

 Just the collection of shrubs and trees alone is shocking.
It was wonderful to stroll through the display
and read about the different varieties on the tags.
A pink dogwood is on my list and they have it,
so I need to get busy with my garden design to make room for it.

 All of the trees looked so healthy and well-cared for.
Here's a Japanese maple, which seems to be quite popular these days.

Inside the greenhouse were more plants than I could count!
Everything from ferns,

 to this unusual black liriope,

to racks and racks of assorted tomato varieties.
They carry other veggies and herbs for your garden as well.

 One of the things I liked best about Mike's,
was that they had a great selection of smaller pots.
I tend to buy the smaller pots so that I can purchase more plants.

 There is a good supply of butterfly-friendly plants.
One of my upcoming projects is putting in a butterfly garden
near our mailbox.
I bought a few things to get it started.
Milkweed is a staple of butterfly gardens,
as it is the host plant for Monarch butterflies,
so I'll have to make sure we have plenty.

 So many colors and textures,
I wanted to bring home one of each.

 So many plants, so little garden space...

 This beauty stunned me.
I'm hoping to add some house plants to the homestead.
They clean the air and add a bit of life to the indoors.
I think I may have to go back and pick one of these up.
'Cause you know I'll be back!

Go ahead and pay Mike's a visit 
and see what you can't live without.
Tell 'em daisy sent ya!

Mike's Growers Outlet
1485 S Highway 16
Stanley, North Carolina 28164
(704) 827-5980
Open 7 days a week!

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