Thursday, April 5, 2018

Weekend Wallpaper Project

Sister lives near Charlotte in a cute lil' townhouse.
I have so many great memories of being here on vacation,
when we used to come up in summertime year after year.
She is not the original owner, and remnants of previous dwellers remain,
including this wallpaper and border in the kitchen.

She's been wanting to take it down for a number of years,
so last weekend we gave it a go.

Here are the tools we used including a roller, a scraper,
a scorer, painter's tape, a drop cloth  and hot water.
In the spray bottle is a mixture of fabric softener and water,
used to unleash the glue from behind the paper.

We found these steps helpful in removing the stubborn steadfast unwanted wallpaper:
1.  Place the drop cloth under the work area (tape it to the molding if desired).
2.  Score the paper using circular motions.
3.  Spray the mixture liberally onto the paper and let it set for 10-15 minutes.
You can also use the roller to apply the solution.
4.  Use the scraper to catch the corner or border and peel paper back.
5.  On extremely difficult areas (the border), hot water was sponged on.

It's a messy project, so the drop cloth really saves your floors.
The drop cloth can be used more than once
and it makes it easier to deposit the torn pieces into the trash.

I can't say it was the most fun I've had with Sister,
but we managed to keep ourselves amused while we worked.
After a few hours, this is what we accomplished.
Looks like this will be a project for a few more weekends.
Thankfully, her kitchen is fairly small.
Once all the paper is completely removed,
she will paint the room the same cool grey she has in the rest of the house.
One step closer to feathering her nest.

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