Tuesday, April 3, 2018


 These sweet lil' ole pansies were picked up at Ford's Seeds a couple of weeks ago.
They help us welcome in spring
when there is not much color in the garden.

Before transplanting them,
I raided the worm pile out in the leaf compost heap.
This goldmine of crawling critters is being added to beds
as I redesign and replant them around the property.
The hope is that the amendments will make planting easier
in seasons to come.

I should have dowsed the transplants with water before putting them in,
but it was good to see the strong root structure.
They are pretty hardy plants, so I think they'll be fine.

The mailbox planter was the first place that needed a bit of dressing up.
After clearing out the weeds and leaves
(there is no end to the leaves here),
I got to work, 
using the towel folded over a couple of times
 to cushion my knees on the hard pavers.

A half dozen or so were added,
spacing them in a zig-zag fashion.
There will still be plenty of room
for adding other annuals or maybe some butterfly plants.

This bed by the front porch is getting a total makeover.
I've already gotten rid of most of the plants that were here,
as they were just too tall for the space.
This is going to be one of our butterfly areas.

 The pansies line the walkway so nicely
and add a bit of color to the front facade.
I look forward to filling in this space with plenty
of butterfly and hummingbird attractors.

This is the spot where some rose bushes were taken out
and given away.  I'm not crazy about roses, so I wanted to find
a home for them where they would be cherished.
Most of the remaining pansies were planted here,
where they will get plenty of sunshine
and brighten up the front of the house.
The final plans for this area are not certain,
but most likely will contain more pollinator-friendly choices.
We will be expanding this bed to the right about 3 feet,
so that the entire front of the house is one, continuous bed.
Lots more room for growing!

These delicate looking flowers 
add a whimsical presence to the garden.

After a long, drawn out winter, 
what a welcome sight they are!

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