Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Going Local-Dearness Gardens

How's spring treating you?
We've had lovely clear days and cool nights.
A Piedmont gardener couldn't ask for anything better!

We have an addition to our "Going Local" series today,
where we feature nearby attractions and events.

A trip recently to Dearness Gardens was a delightful way
to spend a few hours with friends.

From their website:
"Established in 1995, Dearness Gardens occupies 3 acres on a rustic 1920s farmstead in the heart of downtown Huntersville.  There’s a little something special for everyone who visits us, so plan to spend some time exploring the lush display gardens, stone paths, and soothing water features.  We want your visit to be relaxing,  pleasurable, and memorable–the ultimate shopping experience!"

I'd been hearing about this local nursery for a while,
and was so happy to have time to stroll the grounds.
 It was pretty much a 
In fact, this will be a post of few words,
because the pictures speak for themselves.

 The selection of plant varieties is massive.
There were things we found here
that we'd never seen before.
This statement crossed our lips over and over.

Dearness also provides assistance with
professional consultation, design, and installation
to create the garden of your dreams.

 Fairy gardens are all the rage right now,
and a fabulous way to get kids interested in gardening.
Dearness has a section devoted to this pursuit,
with miniature  everything 
to keep your fairies (and fairy-lovers) happy.

Pollinator-friendly species were prevelent
and it was obvious by the buzzing around us
that they had found 

bee house

I was able to pick up a few varieties
for the butterfly garden I'll soon be installing.
This lantana is one of the best at attracting butterflies.

 There is also a considerable assortment of pottery,
yard art and ceramic pots available for purchase.
Aren't these owls a hoot?
(Yeah, I went there.)

Isn't this little tree amazing?
Have you ever seen anything like it?
See what I mean?
If you are looking for unique plants or garden furnishings,
you've gotta check this place out!
You know there has to be a gardener on your gift list 
who has every type of plant imaginable.
I'll bet you could find something different here.

What an alluring spot for bees, butterflies,
toads and tadpoles.
Humans might enjoy it too!
Numerous water features abound on the 3-acre property,
so you're sure to find something you can't live without.

 Just when you think your senses could be delighted no more,

 you find something that takes you completely by surprise!

Something as simple as a bundle of bright-n-bouncy blooms
provokes a profusion of ideas for plans in the home garden.

Spring is the perfect time to visit Dearness.

You can find them in Huntersville at
 13501 South Old Statesville Road 
Huntersville, NC 28078
 phone 704-875-8234
(Or click on the initial link for more information.)

Just plan to stay a while.
And be joy-full.
And bring your checkbook.
You won't be sorry.

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