Thursday, May 10, 2018

Got Produce?

Are you a successful gardener?
Are you so successful, in fact,
that you often have more produce than you can use?
Do you grow bored with preparing the same dishes week after week as your harvest comes in?
Have you run out of jars with which to can tomatoes, peppers and the like?
Or are your neighbors tiring of your gifts 
of baskets full of zucchini left on their doorstep while they're away?

Have we got the answer for you!
An organization I recently learned about, called
sets about matching fruitful gardeners with folks 
who are looking for excess produce.

From their website:
"All that we do and believe in is to solve hunger and malnutrition 
by eliminating the root cause: the waste of fresh food.
We do this by way of an elegant yet simple solution – 
combining the growers passion to not waste food and our technology, 
to enable billions of pounds of excess food to reach 1 out of every 4 food pantries 
nourishing millions of families nationwide.
Our solution is to educate and then enable local gardeners to donate that food."
You can find their website here

What a fabulous solution for everyone involved!
The website provides a place for home gardeners
to search their area for local food pantries
to whom they can donate their extra goodies. 
Pantries can register their sites nationwide to be included
in donations when they are available.
Food is locally grown, so it is often freshly picked
(sometimes the same day).
This concept is a win-win for all parties.
Even new gardeners, or folks only growing a few veggies can be a part of the solution.
And what a great idea for school or community gardens.

With a wealth of opportunities for getting involved,
volunteers can make a real difference in their communities.

When you have a profusion of pickles,
or a truckload of tomatoes,
why not contact Ample Harvest and share the bounty!

May your garden be exuberant
and your blessings overflowing!

find it here

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