Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Lincolnton Community Garden Workday

It started out as a gloomy Saturday morning,
but there was work to be done.

The Lincolnton Community garden workshop would not be deterred!
I recently found out about this organization, attended one of their monthly meetings,
and was so happy to find out that they had a workday coming up!
This is just the type of group with whom I've been interested in communing!
This assembly of garden fanatics enthusiasts serve the community by
tending this property, containing over 2 dozen beds.
We met up at Sally's YMCA in Denver, NC.

The garden beds are rented for $50 per year,
which includes the soil and watering services.
Each lessee has the option to grow whatever they choose in their plot.
There are also beds designated strictly for growing veg for a local food pantry.

On this workday,
we got busy adding and raking in soil for the new season.
When planting time arrives,
the caretakers of each bed will be ready to sow.

The soil was rich and loose, perfect for growing most anything.
Members come and "play in the dirt" as their schedule allows
and make connections with other avid gardeners.

Some folks still have things growing through the winter,

so we added soil where we could in those beds
so as not to disturb what is established.

I love the idea of using this cattle panel
to support top-heavy plants.

There were several beds which utilized cages,
panels or wire mesh for use as future supports.

The other major task we worked on 
was taming the grapevine that had embraced the fence
that encircles the garden beds.
The vine has its own support on which to grow,
but it managed to reach over to the perimeter fencing.
It was pruned back and the posts were moved farther away
so that this should no longer be a problem.

One of our crafty crew fashioned this lovely wreath out of the discards.

The garden has a large compost pile
where weeds and other cuttings are placed.

finished compost!

The shed on the property corrals all the tools needed.

It was a fun morning and with so many helping hands,
we got all of the work done in no time.
I'm looking forward to the next event!

Want to find out more about
starting a Community Garden?
Read this.

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