Friday, March 30, 2018

Garden Friday

Garden Friday finds us excited about spring!
The temperatures finally got into the 70's this week,
and we are working on the garden almost daily.

The straw bale garden will be planted today.
This week I worked on realigning the soaker hose.
Here's how the bales looked before.
The next time I do a straw bale garden,
it will most likely be laid out with bales end to end,
instead of sitting next to each other.
It just makes more sense.

I found this soaker hose at the ReStore in town for only $3.
It was snaked around each bale
to get better watering coverage.

Can I tell you how much I'm diggin' this way of watering?
Just turn on the spigot and walk away!
I'm planning on expanding the system to include other parts of the garden

I realized this hose that was left here by the previous owners
is a soaker hose!

These containers are currently taking up space between the bales,
so the soaker hose can water them too.
After the growing season, I'll revisit their placement
and see if I want to do a separate container garden elsewhere.

I had some wire just sittin' around,

so I cut it into strips

and fashioned garden staples out of them.

They aren't quite as heavy-duty as the ones made out of thicker wire,
but they'll do in a pinch.

I also used some to kink off the end of the hose

until I remembered Big K telling me that the other soaker hose had a cap.

There just seems to be no end to the goodies coming our way.
I got all of this fabulous wire from someone on Craig's List.
I simply posted an ad that I was looking for chicken wire,
and the nicest folks contacted me and let me have it all.
It will be used for trellising, making arches and 
possibly used to keep rabbits out of the garden.
What a beautiful example of God's abundance in my life..

 I did a quick inventory of what seeds I still need to get for the veggie garden.
I keep a garden journal, but I can't say I'm that good at keeping up with it.
My veggie seeds are kept in an old enamelware tin.
(I think I might need to look for something bigger.)

 I'm a bit behind on seedlings, 
but the deck is starting to become peppered with lil' pots.
This is the northeast side of the property,
so it gets a good 6 hours a day of sunlight.
It's so easy to work out there,
because it's right off the kitchen.
Having a table to work on would be a good idea.
I'll have to keep my eye out for something utilitarian.

 I'm hoping to grow more herbs this year.
I love the idea of doing a wheeled herb garden.
That's where you take an old metal wagon wheel
and plant herbs in between the spokes.
These herbs will be shared with Sister's momma.

The garlic, kale, leek, and shallots,
all sown last year, are still growing strong.

 My flower seeds are kept in this worn ammo tin.
It's waterproof and pretty heavy-duty.
I love old.

I noticed there is mint coming up near the container garden.
It sure wasn't planted by me.
I know better than to plant mint in soil,
as it can be highly invasive.
There is nothing else growing over here,
so I think I'll just let it be.

The last two days have been absolutely gorgeous!
We are enjoying the blooms coming up every day.

 The first azalea blossom showed itself this week.

Bee Heaven!
 It is outstanding that we can have a lawn that looks like this
and no one bothers us about it!
(I still have flashbacks of the trouble with our HOA in Florida.)
The bees can go to town!

 We've been delighted to have these fresh-cut tulips in the house.
They are fanciful and bring a bit o' spring to every room.

Spring has sprung!

I hope that you are able to rejoice in springtime pleasures!
Each day brings new blessings.
Be Blissed!

Happy Easter and Passover to those who celebrate!

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