Friday, March 9, 2018

Garden Friday

It's Garden Friday!
The weather has been all over the place this past week.
From springlike days to below freezing,
it's a wonder that anything is growing out there!

 Our check on the veggie starts finds the kales coming right along.
Some of these will be transplanted into the straw bale garden,
and others will be put in containers.
It'll be interesting to see how they each fare.

The lettuce is looking a bit leggy.
I think all they need is a long stretch of some sunny days
and they'll be growing much better.

A few more lettuce starts and the green beans are up next to the house,
in an attempt to keep them warmer overnight.
More lettuce will be sown this weekend,
if we can get above freezing!

It's about time to start planting shallots again,
so I will most likely pull up one of these and see how they look.
These were started in October of last year,
so they may still need a bit longer in the pot.

A few of the leek are ready to pull up.
These were also started from seed in October
and usually take 9 months to mature.

 The parsley I transplanted into the mailbox planter amazed me
by never really dying off, despite some frigid temperatures.

The broccoli is about done.
The small offshoots I've been getting have slowed down,
and the color doesn't look good on what's left.
A few more starts should be taking off soon.
Some will be placed in the straw bales
and a few will be left in containers.

The Brussels sprouts never got much size to them,
probably because I slacked off on the fertilizing.
The tiny morsels I have been snacking on have been sweet and tender.

It was quite a surprise to find coir at our local Walmart.
This along with vermiculite was picked up
to use as an amendment.
These two materials add aeration to the soil,
and help with drainage and retaining moisture.

A couple of trowelfuls were added to each pot and mixed in.

I'm so excited that I have a soaker hose to use this year.
It will help me to water just where it's needed.

Another thrilling event this week was the discovery of these tulips!
The folks who owned the house before us must have put them in.
It will be so amazing to watch them come up and bloom!

 I haven't figured out what these are popping up near the azalea bushes.
I'm thinking some kind of iris?
We'll soon see.
It's riveting to watch as nature wakes up from Her deep sleep!

These sweet dandelions are the bane of many gardeners.
We leave them in place
as we've heard that they are one of the bees' most vital food sources.

This woodpile in the backyard was uncovered this past week.
I went through it systematically,
trying to salvage any lumber for future projects.

 Mostly what I found was these critters.
Thankfully, no snakes surprised me!

This was about all I could keep,
most everything else was rotted through.
These might be used to create a small raised bed.

We have quite a few wood piles scattered around the property,
as we've been clearing some of the wooded areas.
These can shelter creatures during the colder months,
so we're happy to leave them where they are for a while.

 One of our trees has this nasty looking damage.
It's one of the trees that will most likely be removed,
so it's not much of a concern.
It just makes me wonder what happened.
Most of the trees on this property seem to have been neglected,
so it will take some time to nurture them back to health.

Just when we thought spring was upon us,
the temperatures plummeted to high 20's overnight.
Spring will take Her own sweet time getting here,
but it'll be SO worth the wait!

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