Friday, January 6, 2017

We Made It

As day dawned,
we woke up in our new living quarters.
The stunning eastern view that greets the front porch
makes it easy to remember how very blessed we are.

We made it.
After years (and years and years) of dreaming of,
talking about and hoping for it,
we finally made it to North Carolina.
A dream fulfilled.
At least the start of it. 
Seasonal living at its best was ours to experience.
New adventures, loving support all around us,
wonderful new places to explore.
It was here, right here in our midst.
Just there for the taking.
Life is good.

In short order,
the two gentlemen from Wooten's Moving got us unloaded.
These guys were nothing short of amazing
with feats of strength seen only in circus side shows!
We had to change the time of our unload several times
because of unforeseen circumstances,
and they couldn't have been nicer about it.
They were professional, hard-working and courteous.
We will be using them again when we move to our permanent home in a few months.
If you are in the Central North Carolina area and need
reliable, honest folks to help with your move,
give them a call.
Wooten's Moving 704-524-3957

We are renting this house for 6 months,
so that we can look for our forever home,
hopefully, on at least 2 acres.
The dream will come together here,
making this our jumping off point
to future endeavors.
That's about the only thing that will help me get through
the time we must spend living out of boxes 
and having a house that looks like an episode of "Hoarders".

With a safe place to lay our heads,
the task will be to make this feel like home,
even though we are only going to be here a short time.
As I write this, we have been here not even a week,
and things are already coming together.
This kitchen was one of the first things addressed,
as scratch cooking will continue, no matter what upheaval surrounds us.
(The before and after shots will be upcoming next week.)
Not one to  live in chaos for long,
we have been working diligently to create some semblance of order.

As you may have noticed in the previous picture,
this rental came with no refrigerator
(nor microwave, nor dishwasher).
Fortunately, we brought one from home
(which David Wooten and his dad carried up the steps).
As the fridge was in the truck for the first full day,
we used the side porch to house all of our perishables.
With temps in the 40's, it worked out beautifully,
and we were grateful for the cooler weather.
We are learning, on this adventure, 
how to rely on our common sense and pioneering skills.
It's a bit of a challenge, and even a little fun,
to see how we can make things work
using what we have and what we know.
It really feels like we are ready to meet this challenge
and making this change feels like we are on the right track.

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