Friday, January 27, 2017

The Neighborhood

In our Florida neighborhood,
everything looked the same,
as we lived in a cookie-cutter development.
It was great to be able to walk or bike
nearly every day of the year because of the climate,
but I didn't find it very motivating.
 One thing I was hoping for when we moved,
was a place to do my daily walk that would inspire me.

 Guess what?  
I got it.
This road takes me across the street
into a neighborhood that is both unique and captivating.

One of the first homes I pass on my hike
is actually the type of house we are looking for
in our search for a new homestead.
We just love that Southern front porch. 
This home helps me to keep that vision in sight,
reaffirming that we will find our desired digs.

 In Florida, most trees stay green year-round.
It's almost shocking to see so many bare trees.
Against the blue sky, they are quite striking.

And the nature lover in me gets a kick
out of seeing where the birds have made their nests.
Imagine the view from way up there!

 Around every corner, something new is discovered.

Each home in this neighborhood is unlike any other,
and it is oh-so refreshing to see how folks have put
their individual stamp on their homesteads. 

Some have docks behind their  homes
which lead out to the many waterways here.

A few have gardens with amazing features,
like this friendly dinosaur who protects the premises.

Every day that I am able to stroll through the community is a blessing.
It gives me time to think, time to plan,
and time to just be.
I am reminded that 
the possibilities for our future are open wide.

Thanks for coming with me on this hike.
Wishing you a joyous day!

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