Thursday, January 26, 2017

Impromptu Feeder

We used to feed the birds daily in our garden in Central Florida.
Since moving to North Carolina, we see a lot of our feathered friends
on the property and throughout the neighborhood.
I wanted to get back into the habit of providing a bit for them.

Along with birds, there are a ton of squirrels in the side yard of this rental house.
I've been placing peanuts at the base of some trees for them both.
This tree seemed like a good place to hang a feeder,
as it might keep the squirrels out with its gnarly, pointed branches.
Sometimes the birds end up with very little,
as squirrels can be mighty greedy when it comes to birdseed.

We plan to go thrifting soon, 
so maybe I can come up with a cake pan
or something similar to use.
For now, I simply fashioned a feeder 
out of the plastic insert from C's cookie package.
Some string from the birdseed package 
keeps it suspended on the branches.
A few holes were slit in the bottom, 
to allow for drainage should we get rain or snow.

So far, I recognize only the cardinals, 
so I'll need to learn more about the local bird population. 
It's been fun to watch the birds enjoying their surroundings.
Somehow, it makes it feel more like home.

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