Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The House

We're starting our new life in North Carolina in this rental.

The house is over 100 years old
and part of the historic district in our area.
We're here for 6 months until we find our dream home,
or our dream piece of acreage.
Come and take a look at our new digs.

The kitchen is quite expansive, 
considering the age of the home.
The house came with no refrigerator, no dishwasher and no microwave.

 It does have a wonderful farmhouse sink 
with double drain boards
and lots of storage.

This was one of the first rooms set up.
A functional kitchen is vital to the welfare of family.

The pantry door is tucked into the corner of the kitchen.

No doubt it would have held all of the cook's
homemade canned goods.

It is roomy enough for our needs.
Even my daisy totes fit inside.

We are using jars for storing everything.
Thankfully, we have plenty.

As I decided not to use most of the cupboards,
we set up this rack for our daily dishes
and pots and pans.
We have unpacked just what we need to get by.
Keepin' it simple.

One of the first things I cooked once the kitchen was set up,
was some of Lynn and Faye's homegrown eggplant 
that they gifted me with before we left Florida.

The first bathroom has lots of storage,
but it is so cold, we won't be using it much.

Adding a few of our own things makes it more livable.

We'll be using the second bathroom most of the time.
We added a small space heater, which makes all the difference.

The first day we were so tired from driving,
that we just set up the beds in the living room.
It was kind of fun sleeping in the same room,
kind of like camp night!
Most things were left in the rental truck,
until our helpers from Wooten's Movers came the second day.

We've rearranged things and C now sleeps in his own room.
We still have boxes in a few places,
although many have been placed upstairs in one of the two bedrooms.
No sense to unpack everything when we'll be moving again.

The first of two bedrooms downstairs was the initial drop-off spot
for the movers helping us.
We weren't sure how we would use the spaces, so a lot of miscellaneous items were left here.

We ended up putting Big K's radio cabinet in here,
along with the master bed.
We can't use it right now,
but hoping to be able to move in there when the weather is warmer.

As you can see, most of the boxes are gone.
This long hallway is the side entrance to the house.
There is a double sink and the hook-ups for the washer and dryer.

This cleaning cabinet is handy to have so close to the kitchen.

Our shoe rack and hall tree have a spot next to the door that we are using most often.

 Upstairs sit two bedrooms being used for storage
until the weather gets a bit warmer.
Then we may use them for C's Lego room or my sewing room.

Love all the original elements to this house.
Many of the interior doors are original.

Look at the hardware.

Here's a quirky door in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

 I never knew I'd be so fascinated with locks and bolts!

Here's what's inside.
So much storage in this house!

The whole house was at some point retrofitted with electricity.
There are on average, two outlets per room.
It makes for interesting use of electricity.
We have to prioritize what we use
so that we don't constantly trip the breakers.

We have three fireplaces, all closed off.
One is in the living room, one in the upstairs bedroom,
and one in the kitchen.
I can imagine someone cooking over an open fire in that kitchen.
I sure wish this house could talk to me.
It must have a fascinating history.

The grounds are beautiful.
The house sits on almost an acre.

There is a wooded area to the south,
which I hope to explore soon.

The side porch has a large deck,
on which I hope to place an abundance of flowers, come spring.

But for now, we are enjoying the magic of the snow.
Hope you enjoyed the tour.
There will be plenty of new things to share 
in the coming weeks.

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