Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thrifty Thursday-Christmas Star

Being the scrapper that I am, I knew this old gate that a neighbor had thrown out
was coming home with me to be repurposed.
Although at the time, I wasn't sure exactly what it would become.
Then it hit me.
We'd make a Christmas star for our holiday decorating!

The first step was to disassemble it.
We didn't bother to sand or paint it,
instead favoring the rustic look.

With just a few supplies,

and one 14-year old helper with a power drill, 
we managed to get it apart.
(Guess who's keeping the "no trespassing" sign for his room?)

The boards were different lengths, but we chose the ones
with similar widths.

It was laid out until we found a shape we liked.
It's not symmetrical because we want to showcase the rustic feel.

Holes for nails were pre-drilled,
 which made it much easier to pound them in.

It took us a few hours to complete the project,
and cost us not one dime!
We then strung rope lights around it
and used tie wraps to fasten them to the wood.
This star turned out so well,
we're planning on hanging it from our future barn!

Can't wait to see what folks throw out this week!

dare to deck the halls


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