Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 59

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This week we thought we'd share an update on Faye & Lynn's garden.
If you're unfamiliar with these fine folks,
you can read all about them in our Farm School series
located just under the header.
Their 4,000+ square-foot container garden is nothing short of amazing.
They have been gracious enough to share what they know with this farmer-wannabe.

Every weekend for almost two years,
we've spent time together nurturing this ever-expanding garden. 
Of course, it's a full-time endeavor for them,
but I get to partake in the magic once a week.
Let's take a look at what they've got growin' 
this week before Christmas.

Fall is the perfect time to grow so many scrumptious things to eat.
Case in point, broccoli.
It thrives in our mild climate.
The heads are starting to fill out now and will soon be ready for harvest.
The bonus is that once the main head is picked,
side shoots provide us with tender morsels of deliciousness for months to come.

Sugar snap peas don't mind the cooler temperatures one bit.

The rows of peas in G2 (garden two)
are loaded with blooms.
We know it's just a matter of a week or so until we are bursting with these juicy lil' gems.

The goodness starts right here.

This gorgeous specimen is tatsoi.
It's an Asian green used in salads or stir-fry dishes.
This is a new crop for the farm.

Dinosaur kale is one of the best sellers at the farmer's market.
Loaded with vitamins, folks can't seem to get enough.
Faye and Lynn also grow Red Russian kale.

A multitude of herbs do quite well this time of the year,
including rosemary (l) and cilantro (r).
Also cultivated here are basil, dill, oregano, parsley, and thyme.
We recently transplanted lavender, another new crop this season.

Believe it or not,
late fall is one of the best times to grow tomatoes.
As long as the frost stays away,
they savor scads of sunshine and bugs are not as prevelant.

 I'm ready for a tomato-mayo sandwich.

How 'bout a bit of lettuce with that tomato?
Several kinds of lettuces are grown,
including Red Sails, Amaze, Simpson Elite and Buttercrunch.
Each week I'm able to get a delectable mixture of greens for my daily salad.

 We checked on the pineapple plantation,
and there were a couple of beauties almost ready for picking.

I hope you enjoyed this update on Faye & Lynn's garden.
It's such a blessing to be able to spend time there.
Looks like this holiday season,
we'll be eating well.

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