Friday, December 12, 2014

Frigid Friday (or "Fridged" Friday)

We've been enjoying temps in the 40's each morning,
with highs during the day in the 60's and 70's.
Perfect weather this time of year, if you ask me.
We wanted to bring a little of the chill inside.

This should probably be a "Thrifty Thursday" post,
but I'm a day behind.
I spotted some of these cute refrigerator makeovers while internet cruising
and we just had to participate.

So easy, yet it adds so much punch to our holiday decorations.
We'll be doing this every year!

 We have a white fridge, but since it's a side-by-side, 
decorating the front didn't work so well.
We simply moved our artwork to the side facing the rest of the kitchen.

 I made up a bow using some holiday ribbon,
cut out a few stars with a paper punch
and free-handed a few coals for eyes, the mouth, the hat,
and the all-important organic paper carrot for the nose!
The fun thing is to mix and match what you have to customize your snowperson!

A simple, cheery addition to the kitchen this holiday season.
Mix up a scratch batch of cocoa mix and have a toast!

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