Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 58

Maple Hill Hop

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After a couple of weekends off,
I headed back to The Hill to get my farming fix.
My spirits are always lifted when I get to spend time
with Faye and Lynn.

Lynn fashioned a new way for me to plant peas (and other crops).
He strung up some twine down the center of the pots
so that I could plant in straighter alignment.
Great trick for those who enjoy a tidier aesthetic.

We'll soon have peas comin' out of our ears!

They have started using turkey manure in their garden
and are monitoring the results.
These green beans will hopefully become rejuvenated.

 Lynn has his own way of doing just about everything.
Here he uses pots and a slab of plywood to create an outdoor work station.
Use whatcha got. 
Works for me!

 Rosemary starts were transplanted using the 
super spatula seedling system.
The roots on some of these were not quite solid,
so the spatulas help to support the plant before insertion into new pots.

We wandered next door through a neighbor's property
and found several tortoise, fox and gopher holes.

Hello in there!

We gathered pine cones for an upcoming project of mine.
It was a wonderful day spent outdoors,
enjoying the company of some very dear souls.
 Healing one day at a time...

What have you been up to lately?
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