Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Maple Hill Hop 61

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Last week, Big K had a whole week off of work,
so we decided to head to the big city to see
The Tampa Firefighters Museum.

 This is the first station in Tampa
and it dates from 1911.
The substantial brick building now houses offices on the upper floor
and features the museum on the lower level.

A few original pieces of equipment could be found.

This ladder truck is currently maintained
so that it can be used in parades and other special events.
Notice the brass bells on the sides?

This was the dispatching office back in the day.

It's almost as if time stands still.

Some of the equipment used in years past
has found a home here.

Even the original sliding pole is intact
for visitors to enjoy.

The museum is peppered with informational displays
describing the station's features.

An area is set aside for school groups,
so that children can learn more about the firefighters' role in community.

Our boy's favorite section, by far, was this fire alarm.

This vintage alarm had most likely been  used many times.
Instructions for use are right on the front,
so that anyone could easily operate it ,
and firefighters could respond as quickly as possible.

 My boy schooled me on how it works,
mentioning more details than I could possibly remember.
This would make quite the conversation piece in our foyer.

The museum doesn't charge visitors,
but does accept donations to ensure that it stays open.
We relish these scraps of history that are passed on for our knowledge.
Give some consideration to paying them a visit,
and pay homage to the firefighters who have done so much.
What would our world be like without these brave souls?

You'll find the
Tampa Firefighter Museum at
720 East Zack Street
Tampa FL  33602
(813) 964-6862
For more information,
visit them here.

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