Friday, September 26, 2014

Quick tips for showing your house

Yesterday we talked about how we're working toward
moving to North Carolina so that we can s-p-r-e-a-d out a little.
Today I wanted to share how we get our home "show ready".
The idea is to make your home welcoming
so that prospective buyers want to live there.

In the entry, run the vacuum or damp mop.
Fluff rugs in the quick setting on the dryer before replacing them.
Add fresh flowers (preferably from your own garden), 
or a small seasonal display on a tray or table.
The idea is to have something pleasing to the eye as soon as buyers enter your home.

In the bathroom, make sure to rinse tubs and showers.
Wipe down toilets, sinks and fixtures and then dry sinks and fixtures.
Clean mirrors and empty the garbage bag.

In the kitchen, clear countertops as much as possible.
Make sure all surfaces and appliances are wiped down. 
Place a cup of water with a few drops of dish soap in the microwave and cook for 2 1/2 minutes.  
Adding a drop or two of essential oils in the water too, can add a nice fragrance to the room.
Be sure to change the garbage bag or place it in the garage.

Even if a home is bright and airy,
it's a good idea to turn at least one light on in every room.
Blinds are opened so that the garden can be seen.

Clear shelves of everything except a few trinkets.
It seems silly to have a bookshelf without books,
but we figured,  
we are moving
so we might as well pack up what's not being used.
We place a notebook with all of the appliance manuals that stay with the house 
(A/C unit, water heater, stove, etc.)
 next to a glass container for realtors' cards.
This helps folks know that we maintain our appliances 
and that they'll have the necessary information should they need it.

It's a bit of work when your house is on the market.
But in the end, when you end up where you really want to be,
it's all worth it.


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