Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thrifty Thursday-Hanger Trellis

Hopefully, spring has made its way to your home.
It's a great time to complete projects, big and small.
Here's an idea that came to me on my morning bike ride yesterday.

 This is one of the potted plants we have on our entryway outside.
It's got pansies, violets and a morning glory vine growing.
 The vine was starting to outgrow the pot.

On the aforementioned bike ride, I found hangers in someone's recycle bin.
I've been scrounging them for a friend,
and then I thought, maybe I'll just save one for myself.
It was simply stretched with needle nose pliers to form a diamond shape.
We love recycling around here!

The curved part (that hangs on the closet rod) was left intact
and slipped into the soil.

Then the length of vine was wound around the bent part.
It would be cute as a heart-shaped trellis too.
It pays to be a scrapper!

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  1. That's a great idea. I hate those metal hangers, but now - maybe not so much! :-)

    1. We don't use them either for our clothes, but they work great out in the garden! ;0)

  2. Daisy, that's a great idea. A mini trellis in a container. I don't have too many vines in my containers. You have such a creative idea. A mind that is constantly looking for ways to use throw away stuff is an asset to have. I always know I'm going to pick some great ideas from your blog posts.

    Have a great thrifty Thursday.

    1. Aww, thanks for the kind words. Hope you get some digging in this weekend!

  3. Great idea, Daisy.
    Sometimes I'm "clever" at coming up with reuses , but most of the time---um, not so good.
    You've got a good eye for things!


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