Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thrifty Thursday-Garden Laundry Rack

Around here, Earth Day is every day.
We try to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can.
Today we'll show you how we repurposed this little item.

Being a scrapper, this drying rack was found in a neighbor's recycle bin
(the other end isn't shown).
It wouldn't stay together, so it got recycled into a garden project.
We have a smaller one that we sometimes use indoors in the summer,
when it's too humid to dry on our clothesline.

The rack was taken apart easily, 
as it was already on its way there.
We'll save this part and perhaps add pegs to it
to turn it into a wall-mounted hat rack.
Or maybe some future piece of yard art.

The spindles were removed.

These tomato plants needed transplanting.
As our house is going back on the market next week,
I didn't want to buy tomato cages and have one more thing to pack and move.
Besides, it's fun finding other purposes for what's already around.

The tomatoes were planted,

snug as a bug.
A well is dug around the seedling,
to ensure that water stays put near its roots.

Three spindles were added near each plant
and as they grow, baling twine will be wound around them
to add support for growing limbs.

What have you repurposed lately?




  1. Daisy, I seem to attract neighborhood presents. I've acquired things like a large composter and a broken picnic table that I rebuilt, many tomato cages from discouraged gardeners. The cages of course needed to be repaired. I received a broken cheap metal patio gazebo that now is used to cover my rain water storage tank to keep algae from growing. Many bits and pieces of fencing have turned into garden fencing to keep animals out. Old garden tools will eventually become accessories for friendly garden family figures. The list goes on and on just like you and your ideas.

    Have a great thrifty day.

    1. You have a gift for reusing others' expendables. Enjoy!

  2. I always try and find a use for something before tossing it. I have gathered quite a bit of resources by doing this. I've also been called a 'packrat' by my family...more-so recently than anytime in my life. Funny, I'm not a "pack-rat" when they are looking for some little hoodis to help them with their projects. They always seem to ask me--'hey, do you have one of those (fill in the blank)?
    Mom, to the rescue!

    1. Ha! That's funny. I'll bet they're glad that you have what they need. ;0D

  3. Great use for an old cloths drying rack!

  4. Wonderful example of re-purposing! Thanks for sharing your post on the HomeAcre Hop! Hope to see you again tomorrow! - Nancy

    The Home Acre Hop

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