Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 27

Maple Hill Hop

It's Earth Day on 
The Maple Hill Hop!

We're celebrating by joining a garden tour later today.

Do something great for Mother Earth!

C'mon and share what's happening outside
on your piece of the planet!

Remember the deal I got on all of these French marigolds last weekend?
They were installed recently.

Some were added as a border along one of the curves in the back bed.

Some were happy to join the beautyberry.
I love the pop of color.

The beautyberry will soon be loaded with deep magenta buds.

Elsewhere in the garden,
I decided to add a bit of whimsy.
The blooms were used to form an "H", for our last name.

Another bunch was used to fashion a "C" especially for Lil' Guy.
It gave me the idea of  creating an alphabet garden
when we move to our property up north.
Wouldn't that be fun to have kids go to find 
their initials in the garden?
Or to take it farther, spell inspiring words like
"LOVE", "FAITH", or "SMILE" with blooms.
It would be a great addition to our therapeutic farm.

let's HOP!


  1. what a great idea!! I love the idea of spelling out encouraging words! :)

    1. Thanks for sharing the Hop on your blog! ;0)

  2. We added a lot of marigolds last year too. Although we're not nearly as creative. :)

  3. Thanks for hosting! I've shared some pictures of crocuses this week! :)


  4. Daisy, Marigolds are the unsung hero of the garden in my humble opinion. They are easy to grow; they bloom all summer long; and come in many varieties. Art with flowers is a great blend of nature and creativity. Maybe I'll try some creativity with my new property. Yes, I did it again. I am in process of buying a foreclosed city property that's a corner lot and measures 40X60 feet. I won't officially be the owner until some time in May or June. I'm thinking that this may just make me an official urban farmer, what do you think?

    I haven't seen a single sprout from the great potato experiment. I may have to replant them as the weather was a little cold when I planted them. So I dug one up and it had a teeny tiny little sprout coming to life. Patience patience! Gardening is all about patience. :-)

    Have a great earth day.

    1. Congrats on your new property. I'm sure you'll do something great with it.

      You're so right about patience being vital in the world of gardening.


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