Friday, April 25, 2014

Plant Profile-Flax Lily

 Our series on Florida-friendly plants continues this week with another drought-tolerant specimen.
Even if you don't live in Florida,
you may be able to grow these beautiful low maintenance plants.

Flax Lily

Flax lily is used along our driveway to hug the curved bed.
It adds a variegated splash to the border
and also treats us to a spray of
delicate white flowers with a hint of golden centers.

Another drought tolerant example,
flax lily requires no supplemental watering
and can withstand our hot, humid summers.

When thinning is required,
just dig 'em up and replant elsewhere in the garden.
They also add height to container plantings.
This is a hearty plant that doesn't need coddling.
We'll be featuring just such a project next week on 
The Maple Hill Hop.
You can find it here.

Once every couple of years, they are cut down to the quick.
They regenerate within weeks.

This is one Florida-friendly plant that won't disappoint.
For the gardener who enjoys the beauty without all the work,
this is a superb choice.

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