Monday, March 17, 2014

Farm School Winter Series-Week Ten

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Happy gardening!


Spring is just around the corner.
Farm School
is kickin' it up a notch.

Our weekly check on the garden
found things-a-poppin'!
This part of the garden hosts papaya, scallions,
kale, beets, Swiss chard, eggplant
and Tomato Town!

The garden truly runneth over.
Here, you'll find lettuce, spinach, broccoli, collards,
Brussels sprouts, okra and (sugar snap) Peaville!

Some of this lettuce made it home with me.
Faye & Lynn will give you any combination you desire.
Buttercrunch, Simpson Elite, and Red Salad Bowl
were chosen this week.

The cliantro seems to be enjoying the shadier part of the garden.

Lynn promised me one of these thyme plants to take home.
Good thing God made me a patient woman,
'cause they take a while to get established.

 The arugula is going to seed along the fenceline.

I brought home some sweet beets.

Today we had a daunting duty- fertilize the entire garden.

The materials were collected
and we developed a rhythm. 

We used this 20-20-20 fertilizer.

Lynn was the mixologist, 
adjusting the amount of fertilizer to the needs of the particular crop. 

Faye and I were in charge of dosing each plant.
Here, Faye feeds one of their fig trees.
Everything is hand fed,
so it sometimes takes an entire day to get the task done.
With three of us working,
we managed to complete the designated job.
No slackers, here!


I was thrilled to see that the wisteria is in bloom.

Until Faye told me,
I didn't even know it could grow here.
What a wonderful surprise!
It's always been a favorite when I see it on other gardening blogs.

Several of the amaryllis are ready to bloom.

  We pray that spring shows itself right on time
in your neck of the woods.
It's been a harsh winter for so many.
Hopefully, we helped you get through
with our Farm School posts.

If you want to see where Farm School started,
read this.

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  1. Always nice to see things growing and blooming. The Wisteria is gorgeous. We had one when we moved to this house. Unfortunately, it had to be moved several times and though considered tough and almost invasive, it couldn't handle it all. I have my eyes on a new one though. Isn't the color amazing?

    1. I plan to have some of that when we move to our farm. It is gorgeous!

  2. So much color! I love how everything is in rows and neatly organized. I have really enjoyed your farm school posts since our winter has been quite brutal. It has helped me get through!

    1. I love the organization too! So glad you enjoy the Farm School series.

  3. I love to see beautiful edibles growing. There is nothing so good and tasty as fresh!

  4. Daisy, your posts are always a breath of fresh air. I can almost smell the fragrance from the Wisteria and the vegetables ready to eat make my mouth water.

    Even though we had a bit of snow (just a skiff that's already gone) the soil temperature in the rejuvenated bed has raised five degrees to 50 degrees at six inches depth. That's good for any of the cool weather crops but the air temperature here is a little harsh still and gets into the middle twenties at night. I still have hopes to get something in the ground by weeks end.

    Have a great farm school day.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I sure hope you get to start growing soon! Sending warmer temps your way!

  5. Congrat's to Jennifer! Your photos are amazing - I adore the first one. Wisteria is truly amazing. I meant to plant some when we moved here and have completely forgotten. Maybe this will be the year!!

    1. It really is such a gorgeous plant. I imagine it looks lovely draped over a fence.

  6. It's so crazy how far ahead you are. That azalea is GORGEOUS!

    1. Ahead? This is just our regular growing season. We take a break in summer when your garden will be lush and fruitful.


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