Friday, July 23, 2021

Garden Friday

It's a balmy Garden Friday!
The summer heat is cranking out bodacious blooms 
and kitchen goodies around the homestead.

These moonflowers grew from seeds gifted me by a neighbor.
I always thought moonflowers were all white,
but this variety obviously has other ideas.
As soon as the sun comes out, they retire for the day.

On the other hand, I discovered these unique morning glories
near the oregano patch.
I've never seen this pattern before and it took me by surprise.

Our sweet next door neighbor had given me a cutting
from her hydrangea bush.
I simply stuck it in a glass of water and waited about 3 weeks.
It looks like I'll have a new ornamental bush in the garden soon!

Our first Mammoth Sunflower has bloomed
in the pollinator bed.
I'm estimating that it's at least 12 feet tall,
and I hope to be able to get the head off to save seeds
before the squirrels climb up the stalk and steal them.

The bees seem to be loving the blossoms on the loofah.

The first fruit has formed and I can't wait to see this plant take off!

Several more squash have formed on the cattle panel trellis.
Last week I was reporting that I had very few female flowers
and only one fruit on the vine.
I may even resow more seeds for a fall harvest.
The bug pressure should be reduced.

This lone broccoli plant is making a comeback!
Although it didn't give me a head last season,
it's decided to replenish its leaves and try again.
Fresh seed will be sown for fall planting,
but this one will be left in place.

The pumpkins continue to flourish without much intervention from me.
The drip irrigation is a game changer,
and I can see that they really benefit from the consistent watering.

The sweet potatoes are starting to arch over the piece of cattle panel
that I placed next to the bed.
I can imagine that soon the panel will be covered with vines.
The leaves of this plant can be eaten raw in salads,
or wilted like spinach.

Oh my goodness!
It doesn't take much to thrill me,
but this lil' watermelon did the trick!

And when I spotted a few more,
I was beside myself!
With multiple flowers on the vines,
it's a good time to feed this plant.

The turmeric resides in a shady spot
near the compost pile.
I'm also keeping about a dozen pots of aloe,
which I have repotted for a local giveaway.

Our homestead is abuzz with activity!
We have so many bees and other pollinators
and I couldn't bee more pleased!
One new task I've taken to doing each day,
is combing through our crape myrtle blossoms for Japanese beetles
and feeding them to the chooks.
They come running when they see the tin can in my hand,
for they know the treasures that abound!

Betty and Wilma chowing down

I hope your weekend is filled with what means the most to you.
As for me, I'll be right here
with everything I hold dear.


  1. That sure is an adorable watermelon, and the morning glory is lovely. pollinators, flowers and veggies. What more could a gardener want? Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Indeed! Thanks for visiting today!

  3. So happy to see the melon!!! That's so funny about the chickens and the can of japanese beetles. That's how we get our flock back from free ranging is by shaking dried mealworms or freshly picked bugs in a bag or tub. They come running and flying from all around the property. The flowers are stunning. So much bounty is happening around your homestead! Have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Yes, the flowers have been such a gift this year.

      I hope you'll have time to do a garden update soon. I'm sure you are harvesting your own bounty!

      Thank you for stopping by.


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