Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Master Gardener Workdays

It's been a busy few weeks for the Master Gardeners in town,
and we've been taking advantage of the glorious weather.
The first of many projects took place at the Jonas Library in downtown Lincolnton.
This used to be a rose garden, 
but because of the many mature trees on this site,
it is being converted to a shade garden.
Over a series of several weeks,
we hope to create a relaxing place of respite.

The beautiful brick pathway is lined with liriope on the left,
and will soon be planted with ferns and a butterfly house on the right.

Shade loving plants were added along the walkway,
and will soon fill out this bed.

With many hands sharing the work,
we made good progress in just a few hours.
Several azaleas were added to the site
and other shade lovers were planted beneath trees.

This gorgeous rose bush will remain
as a focal point in the garden.

This quiet seating area gives library patrons a place to read or simply sit and reflect.

 We also worked on getting some additional color
in a few of the downtown boxes that are on the shadier side of Main Street.

It's so rewarding to have time to give back,
and sharing it with others who have the same intention
is the best part of all.

What volunteer opportunities does your town offer?


  1. I've lived in towns with good volunteer possibilities, which I took advantage of, such as Hospice and helping at a local spiritual center. There's not much in this area. I volunteered for a local gleaning group a two or three years ago, but have never been contacted for a glean, even after following up to make sure I was on their list. I think it may be that they contact the church groups first, and have enough people without bothering with one person. That's the only theory I've come up with.

    1. Maybe something else will become available.

  2. Oh gosh, the town next to ours offers a ton of volunteer opportunities. Although I've been somewhat involved, that's one of the things I look forward to most in the coming years - giving more of my time. The landscaping looks beautiful in the photos!

    1. I’m grateful my schedule allows time for helping others.

  3. Projects like this are so rewarding. A fun way to be productive, make a difference, and socialize at the same time.


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