Friday, May 7, 2021

Garden Friday

Our first daisy of the season

 It's Garden Friday!
Welcome to our garden.
Due to ample rain, work came to a crawl outside,
but we did manage to get a few things done.
No matter, there will be another sunny day soon enough.
Using bamboo to create trellises and other climbing structures is so easy.
It's just a matter of tying them together with twine.
I'm in search of a resource for bamboo,
as I prefer patronizing smaller businesses whenever possible.

A triad of teepees were fashioned in a matter of minutes.
The intention was to grow beans on them,
but they are a bit too short for that,
so I am planning on making an A-frame in their place.

The teepees instead will be used to grow hyacinth bean,
a gorgeous, vibrant (sometimes out of control) climbing vine.
It's strictly ornamental, but it adds so much color to the garden.

In the veggie beds, things are coming along slowly,
but the snap peas have exploded with the inch and a half rain
we got over a few days.

With blossoms showing up this week,
the peas aren't far behind.
They rarely make it into the house,
as I cannot resist their sweet and tender pods.

So far, the strawberries are forming fruit,
but haven't yet got any color to them.
I need to do some research to find out how often 
I should be feeding them.
What a treat to have both strawberries and blueberries growing!

One of the easiest summer plants to grow, loofah,
got started this week.
I've grown this a couple of times,
but never remember it germinating so quickly before.
The vines will be used to create shade for the chooks
during our scorching summer days.
The melons and watermelons were sown this week,
as well as some eggplant, peppers and a few herbs.

 Another nest of bluebirds looks like
they are soon getting ready to take flight.
Last week, I was working when the wrens fledged,
so I missed it,
but C got to see it, so for that I am grateful.
Who knows?
We may get another family to move into that birdhouse on the porch.
Comes fully furnished.
Who could pass that up?
To all you Mommas and Mother Figures out there,
Happy Mother's Day!



  1. We were blessed with a lot of rain this week as well and my peas grew quite a bit too! With the sun we had yesterday and should have today I hope to see a lot of garden growth. That's good that you don't have strawberry coloring yet because I've found that if they are ripening when we get a lot of rain they don't taste as good. Hopefully it will be sunny skies the week they begin to ripen! Have a happy Mothers day!!!!

    1. Good to know about the berries!

      Sounds like you're having just the right kind of weather for growing. ;0D

  2. So thankful for the rain we're getting this week. I need to check on our peas. There were some pods before the rain, so it's possible there may be some ready to harvest. I printed three of your recipes to try soon.

    1. Yes, you had peas to enjoy way before me. They are a real treat.

      Hope you find some good things to eat!

  3. Happy Mother's Day from Canada, Miss Daisy! I am so happy to see you blogging still.

    1. Sue! What a treat to see you here! Thank you for taking the time to look me up. I hope you have a wonderful day! Don't be a stranger. ;0D


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