Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Fotos


 Welcome to Friday Fotos,
which this week could be called Garden Friday.
Most of the year, Fridays are reserved for a garden update,
but during the winter, when the garden slows down,
we simply post about our homestead activities.
Well, the great news for this week is that 
We've consistently gotten 2 to 3 eggs daily for the last week or two.
(Hmmm, I'm wondering if it has anything to do with me not being here.)
Whatever the reason, I am one appreciative chicken keeper.

Another bunch of carrots was pulled up yesterday,
and I ended up using them with my hummus dip.
These carrots are sweet and juicy,
and I don't even mind them being small.
In fact, that may be why they are so good.
Baby veg usually has more flavor, am I right?
 The Vates kale is going strong.
 This stuff has been in the ground since September
and is still crankin' it out.
For the warmer months, I will switch to another variety,
most likely Premier or Lacinato.
During the winter time, Vates can't be beat!

A quick check on the leek pleased me.
They are growing slowly,
and any progress at all is a victory,
considering that I have not irrigated any of my crops this winter.
Fortunately, it's been fairly wet,
so Mother Nature did it for me.
 This Merveille variety of lettuce was a first time crop for me.
It was planted on September 8th and is still producing,
although it is starting to get somewhat bitter.
It will most likely be given to the chooks once
I replace the crops in this bed.
It won't last long in the run!

With rain forecasted for today,
I decided to get the snap peas in yesterday.
Conditions look good for the next month,
so I'm hoping we're on our way to some 
lip-smacking good snacks!
I didn't have any plant markers handy,
so I just used a piece of scrap wood.

 The strawberry tub was covered over with leaves
to get through the cold winter months.
Soon, the plants will be waking up and spilling over the side.
I haven't yet decided if I need to dedicate a separate bed for this crop,
or leave them in the tub.

These pansies just don't quit!
Their cheery faces just make me feel so warm inside.
A gal sure gets her money's worth with these plants.
Is it feeling more like spring where you are?


  1. Everything looks great! I can just taste those carrots.....I'm able to start some in the fall, allow them to stay under a nice cover of snow all winter and then we get deliciously sweet carrots by the beginning of June. If I didn't start them in fall we wouldn't have them for another month unless winter ends early. So happy about the eggs! Hooray for more daylight! Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. What a fabulous summer gift!

      Always good to see you here, Staci.

  2. Gorgeous photos! I was especially interested that you use Lacinato kale for warmer weather. I had been growing Siberian Dwarf in winter, and it overwintered well. The Lacinato doesn't, but that's a lesson learned the hard way! I may leave the Lacinato for spring and fall, and continue with the Siberian for winter greens.

    1. I'm thinking of using something on the south side of the bed to sort of shade the Lacinato, as I think it will do better. We'll see...

      Enjoy your weekend, Leigh!

  3. It's definitely feeling more like spring, and I've been relishing the days outside. I cleaned up the asparagus patch yesterday, and pruned fruit trees. Those carrots look yummy!

    1. Yes, spring-like, but still mighty chilly in the mornings.

      I'll be putting in a new asparagus bed this spring. How exciting that you will be picking it soon!

  4. Go "Girls" go!
    I'm holding out till next weekend before I plant my peas. Things are just too soggy around here.
    My vote is "yes" for a strawberry bed unless you have a local farm nearby to pick from. We had 3 berry beds that kept me hopping until they died back. We now have a local farm that puts up a "Strawberry Shack" 3 miles from our house. They sell berries there at a very reasonable price.

    1. Thanks for cheering the girls on!

      These strawberries are so much better than store-bought, even the organic ones. They are red through and through, and so sweet and juicy. I have room for a center bed, maybe I'll make them the stars of the garden!

  5. I am so jealous! We have snow and slop and wet and NOTHING grows in this. Except mud - if mud could grow. Our girls are laying regularly as well. They did great this first winter! They kept producing (albeit some days it was just one egg) and we didn't have to buy any. They are troopers! :-)

    Looking forward to watching your garden flourish! :-D

    1. Have no fear, spring is on its way! I can feel it!
      Glad your girls kept you in eggs all winter.

      Always good to see you here.


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