Friday, February 19, 2021

Friday Fotos

 It's time for Friday Fotos,
where we share some of our weekly adventures.
Last weekend I made some luscious
Blueberry Oatmeal pancakes. 
Oh my.
They are such a treat and it's hard to imagine
that something that tastes so good is actually (relatively) good for you.
Here's the basic recipe.

Our boy had his first paid job this week!
He replaced a neighbor's smoke detectors,
set her up with a CO detector (she has a gas fireplace),
and checked to ensure that her fire extinguisher is up to date.
As a momma, I feel so proud of him,
knowing that he is following his passion and
thinking about how much he has overcome to get to this point.
The bright side of his autism,
is that he is entrenched in his area of interest,
so he has a lot of knowledge to share
and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.
His main focus is that folks are safe in their homes.
This neighbor told him she will recommend him to others.
This will help him in his quest to become
a fire alarm technician.
Life is good!

The garden is rockin' on, despite the gloomy,
rain-soaked days of a frigid winter.
The spinach hasn't grown a lot,
but it is tender sweet.
You know it has to be good for you
because of that deep, dark green color.

The kale is continuing to produce sweet,
tasty leaves for salads and sandwiches.
This Vates variety is not bothered one bit
by the cold.

 A handful of baby carrots was pulled up this week.
Although they don't get much size to them,
they are super sweet and crispy.

I guess one could say our broccoli was a bust,
unless you're someone like me
who enjoys eating the green leaves.
We didn't get any heads or shoots,
but the greens are worth growing all by themselves.
I like them raw in salads, 
but truth be told,
they hardly ever make it out of the garden uneaten.

The Red Sails lettuce is still going strong!
A mess was picked for salads through the weekend
and it couldn't be tastier.
There were a couple of slugs noticed on a few things,
but overall, I'd say the row covers really helped this year.


The chooks are enjoying longer days
and when the sun blesses us with its warmth,
they get a little more time outside to scratch, peck and forage.
I'll be at a dog sitting job for most of next week,
(rough job but someone has to do it),
so things around here will be quiet.
Sweet boy Baxter and I will try to find some time to explore
the great outdoors and I hope to bury myself
in a stack of library books when the weather
keeps us inside.
Praying that hints of spring find their way to you.


  1. Wonderful photos! Pancakes, garden, and critters are always a winner in my book. And congratulations to your son! It's a challenge for those on the spectrum to find their niche, so finding it is something to celebrate. :)

    1. Thank you, Leigh. He has been on this path for quite a while, so he is finding his way.

  2. Queenie is such a pretty hen. How fantastic for your son! May it be the beginning of a wonderful new adventure for him. We absolutely love our pet sitter. I can only imagine how much you're appreciated. A stack of library books sounds like pure heaven.

    1. It's the only time I can ever finish not one, but two books within the week. What a treat. Thank you for the well wishes for our boy.

  3. So glad your son is doing well and giving to others. Your veggies look amazing. I am trying to grow lettuce and kale and spinach in the cold temps. I have not put them outside yet, but was wondering, what is the temperature inside your hoop house? We have had such bitter temps and freezing rain here in Virginia. I don't want to put them out just yet, but was wondering when would be a good time.

    1. Jean, I haven't measured the temperature inside the covers. Outside, it gets below freezing quite often, but it hasn't bothered the crops I mentioned. The garden is also buffered a bit from winds because it is near a wall. Maybe mid-March or early April, if you have no cover would be better for you. You can check with your local Extension office too!

  4. Hooray for your son! I'm so happy for him. :) That's so great that he's able to share his extensive knowledge, help someone out, and get paid. Good for him. From someone who hasn't seen one bit of greenery in months, your garden looks AMAZING! Too bad about the broccoli, but like you said, at least you've got leaves!

    Your flock looks great. Happy they can dig in the dirt. Ours are counting the days until they can do just that. Happy dog sitting!! (sounds like a job right up my alley)

    P.S. Thank you for the Elin Hilderbrand recommendation. I started with the Christmas Street series and I enjoyed it immensely. I'll be checking out more of her books.

    1. Thank you for the good vibes you're sending C. It means a lot.

      Glad you enjoyed the books. I'm really into Elizabeth Berg now. Have loved every one of her novels. Thanks for visiting!


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