Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Island Dress Up

Almost two years ago,
when we were newbies in this house,
we added beadboard to our office.
It really finished off the room nicely,
just made it feel a bit more dressed up in a shabby-chic kinda way.
You can see the tutorial here.

Since the kitchen is adjacent to the office,
it seemed like a good idea to dress up the island as well,
to tie in the two areas.
Earlier this month, we changed out this laminate countertop to butcher block.
Here's that project.

We (meaning Big K), got the beadboard panels attached using finish nails,
and replaced the molding on the sides and base of the island.

After a coat of paint, it looks brand new, with a bit more character.
Such a small project that makes the kitchen look a bit more custom.

The project only took a matter of hours and cost around $80 for materials.
We're happy with the outcome, as it makes our home more "us".

Another task on the Project List completed!
It's coming right along...


  1. It looks amazing!! Something so simple made such a beautiful difference! P.S. I love the wall color in your office. :)

    1. Simple is best! We love the color too, it's in the main living area of the house. Cheerful!

  2. Replies
    1. Hey! Long time, no see!
      Thank you so much!

  3. That really makes it look fantastic. I've always been a fan of beadboard. Looks sooooo country and homey and wonderful!


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