Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Community Garden Workday for July (2019)

Saturday was a hot and steamy mess.
It didn't deter a handful of dedicated volunteers
from their appointed duties at the East Lincoln Community Garden
in Denver, NC.
Once every month we designate a workday to tend to community beds,
complete projects and get our share of weed pulling done.
This past weekend we focused on clearing the walkways of weeds.

The heat of summer has produced lots of garden goodies.
Some beds were packed with nutritious nuggets.

Vine-ripened tomatoes just waiting for their turn to be picked.

Lavender and loofah adorn one of the perimeter fences.
The loofah vine was loaded with blossoms.
This climber makes a superb screen.

There was plenty of okra to be found.

Looks like this one got away!

There's more where that came from!
A certain number of beds in this garden
are dedicated to the local food bank.
All of the produce grown in these beds
helps to feed the community.

Native milkweed could be found in one of the member's beds.
That means that monarch butterflies are part of this garden's future!
He was kind enough to offer me seeds once they open up.
At home, we try to use mostly native plants in our landscape.

A lot of weeding got done,
but with the heat index predicted at 105 degrees,
we didn't finish everything we'd hoped to.
There's always next month,
and we know the weeds will be there waiting.

The best part of the morning's work 
was getting to know our fellow gardeners better
and sharing our love of nature and giving back.

"We know that without food we would die.
Without fellowship,
life is not worth living."
~Laurie Colwin


  1. Beautiful vegetables and beautiful work for this garden. Beautiful day to you

    1. Thank you Martine! I appreciate you visiting!


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