Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Going Local-Troutman Farmers' Market

Last Tuesday, I ventured out to participate in my first farmers' market
since hitting the ground in North Carolina.
My first foray began at ESC park in Iredell County,
about 25 minutes from where we're staying.

The park is located at 338 N Avenue in Troutman, NC.
We set up under the pavillion.
It's wonderful to have a covered space,
especially for vendors who have perishable items for sale.

Farmers' markets are huge here,
and I like that every effort is made to ensure that items sold
are absolutely as local as can be.
The Troutman market is open from 4-7 p.m. every Tuesday 
from May through October.
This location seems to attract a lot of families
due to the proximity of the playground and playing fields.

 Since this is an afternoon/evening market,
 it's great to have food vendors attending
for those who want a bite to eat.

 A variety of home-grown veggies were featured.
Lettuce, onions and other goodies could be found,
as well as seedlings for shoppers to take home and plant.
The produce vendors seemed to do very well.

Fresh eggs were readily available from Hannah's Hen House.

I got in line before the event started,
to make sure that a few of these would make it home with me.
I enjoyed them all week in sandwiches, salads
and fresh tomato sauce for pasta.

We brought home some of Marc's homemade chocolate chip cookies. 
He also bakes breads, pies and other sweet treats.
The cookies were originally intended for Big K,
but I ended up finding them too good to resist.

 The lone jewelry booth displayed charms, necklaces, rings, and other brilliant baubles.

 A unique twist at this market
was chair massage
being offered by "Yellow Chair Massage". 
What a wonderful way to begin your week!

 My daisy tote booth didn't do so well,
but it was nice to get my feet wet in our new state.
It was fantastic to be a part of this market
and meet folks who really believe in what they are doing.
We'll keep plugging away!

Do you frequent the farmers' market in your town? 
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