Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Going Local-Mooresville Farmers' Market

We're off on another field trip,
getting to know our new surroundings.
This past weekend Sister and I set up our daisy tote booth
at the Mooresville Farmers' Market in downtown Mooresville.
Supporting local farmers and craftspeople is emphasized.
The regional farmers' markets require items sold to hail from within a 50-mile radius.

This market runs from the beginning of May through October.
Downtown Mooresville is usually hoppin' on the weekend
with abundant shops and eateries as well as special events.

This market is hosted by the local parks and recreation department.
Alli, our fearless leader, has an information booth
so that folks can find out about local offerings.
She also does story time during the market.
Her kids' activity this week was making Mother's Day cards.

It's that time of year when many folks are gearing up for their summer gardens.
The nice folks at Cookspride Wilfong Farm carry an assortment of seedlings.
It was wonderful to discover that they follow certified organic practices.
They promised to have some scrumptious produce later on in the season.

Check out their facebook page for other products and services they offer.

Local honey and eggs are available from Rattling Bridge Farm.
Care to do a taste test?
They are happy to give visitors a sweet spoonful of honey.

Toni at Bugs Bees also has local honey for sale.
Wouldn't it be fun to have a honey tasting party
to distinguish the various types of flavors in each type of honey?
What a sweet treat!

Speaking of sweets-Grandpa John makes homemade candy
and has been sharing his family recipes for generations.

Toby Chapin Pottery displays a fantastic assortment of handmade treasures.

His ceramic creations make unique gifts for any occasion.

His artistry is also showcased in these hand-carved wooden spoons.

We were thankful for the borrowed tent,
as the weather was less than cooperative.
With the threat of overcast skies looming,
it was a slow market day,
but we enjoyed the experience.
We plan on setting up here twice a month through the season.
We're finding our niche.

Big K and I were talking about how
we haven't met one unpleasant person since moving here.
Maybe we've just been in the right place at the right times, but we've found 
everyone so doggone friendly and downright solicitous.
We are so glad to be a part of it all.

What do you like to buy at the farmers' market?

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