Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thrifty Thursday-Drying Herbs

One weekend at Farm School,
we were transplanting lavender sprigs.
In that process, we had to trim the branches
in order to plant them in their new pots.
Not wanting all of that lovely aroma go to waste,
I brought some home to dry.

Nothing fancy here.
No dehydrator, not even a microwave.
Leaves were laid on some newsprint,
spread out, and left alone.

Several layers were completed
and they nestled there in an old open, wooden crate.
Keeping them covered with another piece of paper
will keep the dust away.
You could use any box or other container,
as long as it is out of direct sunlight.

A week or two is all it takes.
Crumbling the leaves creates quite a treat for the senses.

Pretty much every herb works this way.
Just check them every couple of days to see how they are coming along.

I plan to make sachets with the lavender.
Sprinkling a bit on the carpet before vacuuming is another use.
However you decide to use your dried herbs,
no complicated equipment is necessary.
Just a little time and effort
will reward you with a simple pleasure.

What's your favorite way to dry herbs?

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