Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 28

Maple Hill Hop

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The Maple Hill Hop,
where we share what's going on outside our doors
whatever the season.

A few years ago, we put in this curved bed.
Flax lily was the Florida-friendly choice here,
as it needs no supplemental watering
and can take the full sun on this side of the house.

Especially near the garage, it was getting pretty thick.
Flax lily is so easily divided, this task was completed in no time.

A cart full of transplants await a new home.

Here's how it looked after the thinning.
Now the native petunias in front can enjoy the sunshine.

Whenever a plant is relocated,
time is taken to trim the roots just a bit.
This allows the plant a "fresh start" and new growth is imminent.

The back bed on the west side of the yard needed a little 
somethin' somethin'.  
This is the shadiest part of our yard 
and the curve looked like it could use a bit of pizzazz.

Fortunately, flax lily doesn't mind a little bit of shade
and will do fine right here next to the ferns.
This is also a favorite hangout of our aviary friends.
More nooks and crannies in which to hide.

It feels great to be able to recycle plants to different parts of the garden.
They should be quite content in their new home.

What do you do with plants that need thinning out?

 Let's HOP!



  1. Daisy, your flower beds always look so nice and neat. Mine, well, not so much. They look great from across the street in the fading daylight. They are all past due for rejuvenating. We are getting a nice Spring rain today and tomorrow. I'm hoping it will fill up my water storage tank for summer watering of the garden. The backyard grass was mowed for the second time this year. So the next couple days will be inside work days. Yeah, five buck movie day today. Comes with free popcorn and everything. I just can't pass that up. I have to make the best of down time days. :-)

    Have a great flower bed beautification day.

  2. So glad you got some rain. Hope your tanks are filled to the brim!

  3. Thanks for hosting! I've shared a picture of my neighbor's fountain, all frozen one morning!

    1. I appreciate your participation! Always enjoy your shots.

  4. It kind of looks like, I think it's called Spider grass. Sigh....we have it growing in every single flower bed. It's beautiful but the person before us let it take over and I've been combating it for the past few years. I just saw bits of it in the front yard today, not where it's supposed to be. :)

  5. Hmmmmmm, not sure it's the same thing. This stays put and doesn't wander too much, just makes new plants.


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