Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Maple Hill Hop 18

Maple Hill Hop

Welcome back to 
The Maple Hill Hop,
where we share what's going on outside,
no matter the season.

While checking on the square-foot bed,
these carrots were spied.
Yeah, they're really growing under there!

This Bibb variety looks like it's bolting...

but I can assure you, it's tender and sweet.
What a feeling of satisfaction to be able to harvest your own salad greens.
I could get used to this!

Careless sowing of some of the beets led to this.
I decided to thin them out
and redistribute them elsewhere.

Using a long-handled plastic spoon,
they were dug up.
Some had a small rootball, some didn't.

These should do better now that they have a bit more room to grow.

The transplants will be watched to see how they adapt to their new location.
If they don't make it, I will plant new seed here.
I've been thinking more about tinkering with
edible landscaping.
As long as I get to eat what grows, I'll sow it wherever I can!

I wanted to add a few more bulbine plants under the oak tree.

This is a Florida-friendly plant that is drought tolerant,
needs no fertilizer and thrives no matter the variation in temperature.
It's also happy in sun or shade and displays brilliant golden spires.

This bulbine was large enough to divide.
It is easily accomplished and will bounce right back.

A dozen or so shoots were dug up to place under the tree.

Before planting, the roots get a little trim to encourage new growth.

These pansies were acquired off the "dead rack"
for a mere pittance.
They add a cheery spot of color to the winter garden.

What's going on by you?
Even if it's still snowing,
we'd love to see it!

Let's HOP!


  1. I found some bulbine at our local nursery last week! I'm so excited. Thanks for the tip on trimming the roots when I divide them, I never knew that. Happy Gardening!

    1. You'll love the stuff! It'll do great in Texas!

  2. I love finding {and saving} nearly dead plants at the store. It's such satisfaction!!

    1. Staci, would that be plant rescue instead of animal rescue? Every plant needs a chance to live, don't you think? Well, unless it's a thistle. They are just plain obnoxious. :-)

  3. Daisy, another 60 degree day on the eastern river front of Nebraska. The lakes (small man made for water shed control) are still iced over but is melting fast. Tomorrow 50s will make all here happy about the breaking the subzero trend. Time to start fixing up the tomato cages from last year's breakage and sanitizing the flower pots for beautifying the front patio. Nice!!

    Have a great garden day.

  4. I like how you used a plastic spoon to move the seedlings so they wouldn't be so crowded. Great idea!

  5. Just 'hoppin'' by to say hello, Daisy! The lettuce looks delicious and the pansies so happy and pretty! Hope all is fabulous, my friend!

    1. I swear I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering what you're up to. I hope all is well. Feel free to drop me an email and fill me in, Kat! So good to see you here.


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