Friday, November 12, 2010

Florida Flywheelers Club

What a beautiful day we had to spend at the Florida Flywheeler's Antique Tractor Club.
This organization is composed of folks who remember how things used to be 
and work on restoring the past. 
Not only are the tractors on display, you can find all sorts of antique tools, simple working machines,
 a flea market area and a host of tinkerers who are willing to tell you just about anything you want to hear about their treasures.

There is a goldmine of history in this event.

 It does my heart good to know that my boy is able to appreciate where we've come from. 
His favorite place on the property is Mr. Batcher's Barn. It is filled to the gills with handmade wooden toys and gizmos. 
He is a fellow tinkerer, and has created a huge warehouse of amazing moving playthings that entertain and teach. 
We can't wait to go back in January!

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