Friday, December 7, 2018

Going Local Series-Shanklin Library Garden

This week, we are combining Garden Friday
with an addition to our "Going Local" series.
We had a chance to visit the Shanklin Library Garden,
located at 7837 Fairfield Forest Road, Denver, NC.

This memorial garden is chocked full of beauty and interest.
Color, shape and texture give the eyes ample to feast on.
I've always loved the look and function of a dry river bed.
No doubt when rain or snow trickles down its meandering path,
it is an auditory delight.

With a myriad of paved pathways from which to choose,
this garden is almost meditative in its movement.

The garden is a designated certified wildlife habitat,
creating drink, food and shelter for a number of critters.

Benches scattered throughout invite walkers
to take their time and savor their surroundings.

This sacred garden adjoins the Shanklin library,
also named after Mrs. Shanklin.
The perfect combination, in my opinion.
After all, what could be better than sitting down with a good book
in this tranquil setting?

About his mother, her son, Mark said,
She was a reader,” but she was also very much an earthy person; 
she enjoyed gardening and nature. …
(The memorials are) little bits and pieces of her. 
It was the right way, a good way, to remember her. … 
She really loved flowers. She loved wildflowers. 
She was just that good old, down to earth person. Everybody loved her to death. 
She was the best friend to all eight of us kids.

I can't imagine a better tribute.
The family is still actively involved in the care 
of this living homage to Mrs. Shanklin.

This would be the ideal place to do nature studies throughout the year.
What a beautiful outdoor space for families to discover together.

Aviary families have a magical place to call home.

The Master Gardeners in our county help to nurture this property
and as you can tell, the job is well accomplished.

Every Tuesday morning volunteers come out and provide tender care
for the 2 dozen native species planted here.

With so much to explore,
plan to spend some time wandering and appreciating the splendor here.

I look forward to returning in spring
to see the pollinators enjoying their feast!

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