Friday, December 14, 2018

Garden Friday?

Greetings from the frozen Piedmont!
It's Garden Friday.
Well, kind of.

This is what the garden looked like after our big snowstorm.
Here in Pumpkin Center we got between 7-8 inches of snow.
So far, that's the most snow we've had since we've been here.

With no prayer of these cabbage and broccoli plants getting a leg up,
the pots sit in stunned silence.
We do have some kale, lettuce and Swiss chard growing,
although it is at a snail's pace.
There's been no sun to speak of for the last week,
and I'm starting to think the best strategy is to get some sprouts going in the kitchen.
A hoop house is sounding mighty good about now.
We still have a week of autumn left,
but that's a technicality.
We went headlong into winter about 2 weeks after fall began.

 We compost on.
The inside of this bin is about the only thing
that didn't get covered with a heavy blanket of snow.
It's still pretty toasty in there.

The remaining lemongrass is crying "uncle".
It doesn't like the cold one bit,
but I love the way this grass adds some texture to the garden.
We'll see come spring if it bounces back.

Seed catalogues should soon be arriving.
There will be a lot to tackle in the spring garden,
like adding berry bushes, extending the raised bed area,
and creating a more efficient watering system.
Winter is a great time for planning,
and if we're in for any more of this weather,
then planning it shall be.
Enjoy your weekend, y'all!

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