Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Going Local Series-Grace Tree Farm

With C at home with a cold,
Big K and I went in search of a Christmas tree.
Our traditional choice is a Frazier Fir,
and we were excited to head to a local tree farm to gather our treasure.
Grace Tree Farm is owned by local residents Krista and Doug,
who happened to be in the same Master Gardener class I took last April.
This family endeavor started a few years back
with their relocation to quiet Denver, North Carolina.
Six years in the making,
they opened for business for the first time last holiday season.

This is a choose-and-cut farm,
allowing customers to pick and fell their own tree.
Potential lumberjacks can opt from a variety of trees, 
including Carolina Sapphire, Leyland Cypress, and White Pine.
Saws are provided, along with instructions
and unbridled enthusiasm from this dynamic couple.
(Pre-cut Frazier Firs are also available,
but not grown on site.)
On the day we ventured out,
it was a mess of muck and mud,
but you'd never know it to talk to Krista and Doug.
Even in the miserable conditions,
they were so excited to see folks coming out and taking part.

Six acres of trees awaited our perusal,
though not all trees were ready for harvesting.
Designated trees were tagged with different colored ribbons,
with each hue corresponding to a particular price point.
The smaller trees seen here will be ready in a few more years.

Doug's background in forestry lends itself well to his chosen profession.
Once the decision was made to open a tree farm,
the planning began.
Years of learning about the business is paying off,
as the farm is becoming well-known in these parts.
Although Doug works full-time as a real estate broker,
he still puts in full days at the farm,
tending the trees and taking care of clients.
Krista is equally as busy,
nurturing their two children, keeping the home fires burning,
and interacting with customers.

In addition to trees, 
holiday shoppers can pick up one of the gorgeous 
handmade festive wreaths.
Even those who don't want or can't have a "real" tree
can enjoy the scent of the evergreens with these beautiful embellishments.

We surprised ourselves by deciding against a Frasier Fir this year.
In keeping with our earth-friendly philosophy,
we opted for a live Christmas tree
that can be planted on our property later on.
These Norway Spruce trees should do well in our area,
and we plan to make this a yearly tradition.
It's a wonderful option for folks who want a more ecological choice,
or for whatever reason, choose not to buy a real tree for the inside of the house.
So grateful to be able to shop locally for our holiday tree!

Grace Tree Farm is located at
 1292 Beth Haven Church Road, Denver
Phone: 704-794-8740.
Their facebook page can be found here.

 Go Local!

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