Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Going Local-Single Brothers' Garden

Last week,
we showed you the Cobblestone Farmers' Market 
in Old Salem, North Carolina.
Today, we're featuring the Single Brothers' Garden,
which is located directly adjacent to the Market.

This garden, which is one of several you'll find in Old Salem,
has been lovingly restored to its original charm.

 The original intent of the garden was to feed the members of the 
Single Brothers' Choir, who lived just steps away.
The land was planted with heirloom vegetables including
beets, corn, okra, as well as grains like winter wheat, 
and a host of other crops.

Today, the garden continues to showcase traditional methods of growing.


 Along with field crops such as these gorgeous beans,
apple and cherry trees have been re-established,
Grapes and gourds can also be found nearby.

Many culinary herbs can be found in the raised rows.
tower of beans

 On the weekend we visited, beets were ready for harvest,

 and loads of squash were awaiting collection.

 The cabbage has since been used for something delicious.

 The garden is tended year-round,
with winter crops making way for new plantings in spring.
This straw mulch no doubt keeps the beds moist and weed-free.

There are several gardens within walking distance
eagerly waiting for visitors to stroll their grounds.

 I am so grateful that these historical gardens
have been reborn and sustained.
We have much to learn from our ancestors.

Another visit is well warranted,
as we had other locations on our agenda on this day.
Old Salem is a fantastic place to explore, learn and savor,
especially for history buffs
And what a wonderful homeschool field trip.

Old Salem Visitor Center  
900 Old Salem Road Winston-Salem, NC 27101
or 336-721-7300

Have you visited any historical gardens?

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