Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Going Local-Cobblestone Farmers' Market

Saturday was Big K's birthday.
We decided to go on a daytrip to Winston-Salem,
about an hour and a half from where we live.
One of our stops was at the Cobblestone Farmers' Market
in Old Salem.
(Look for additional "Going Local" posts later this month.)

This bustling emporium is open every Saturday 
from 9 to noon,
through the third weekend in November.
We got there mid-morning,
and some vendors were already sold out of their goods.

It was wonderful to see the array of organically-grown produce available.
One of the features I adore about North Carolina, is the requirement that all items
must be produced within 50 miles.

There were some things I'd never seen before at a farmers' market,
like these gourmet mushrooms.

Another mushroom vendor, Borrowed Land Farm,
offered up these "Shroom Cube!" mushroom grow kits,
that folks can purchase to begin their own foray into fungi.

The owner of Pascal Farms showcased her host of herbs, 
tinctures and body care products.
There is so much knowledge to glean from these artisans.

At fermentology foods, a variety of fermented foods was exhibited.
Free tastings sometimes lure even the most skeptic of samplers.
Kraut, anyone?

The beautiful breads and pastries offered up at 
Camino Bakery, made me stop in my tracks.
Each one was a work of art and very hard to resist.

Another bakery, aptly named
focuses on making goodies available 
to those who have food allergies or sensitivities.
We will have to pay their storefront a visit.
C has never been able to get treats at a traditional bakery
due to his many sensitivities.
What a gift it would be for him to be able to order up anything!

At Farm Girl Arts, this artist not only sells her wool
and felted creations,

she is known for the incredible sculptures she creates
using this unusual technique.
Click on the above link to marvel at her artwork.

Local musicians serenade the crowed each weekend.

The town of Old Salem is fascinating,
with historic buildings and cobblestone walkways.
We are hoping to return in the future
to get a better appreciation of all this village has to offer.

The Cobblestone Farmer's Market can be found in Old Salem
at the intersection of West and Salt Streets,
and is adjacent to the Single Brothers' Garden.
(We will be featuring the garden next week.)
No matter where you live,
this market is worth the travel time.
Plan to spend the day or overnight,
because there is so much to see!

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