Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Going Local-Black Mountain Chocolates & Mast General Store

This summer, we are taking several day trips,
instead of one extended vacation.
It just works better for us.
This is the third (and final) installment of our Winston-Salem posts
in our "Going Local" series.
We have already profiled the Cobblestone Farmers' Market
and the Single Brothers' Garden,
two "must-sees" located in nearby Old Salem.
Today, we are showcasing two fun destinations
in the heart of the downtown area.

You had me at "Chocolate Factory".
Black Mountain Chocolate was a crucial component of our junket.
This unassuming brick facade held an unexpected surprise for us.

Tours are given on Saturdays,
but had already sold out by the time we made our way to its doors.
We were able to see some of the machinery used in creating this scrumptious treat.
From their website:
"Black Mountain Chocolate is the original North Carolina bean-to-bar chocolate, 
and still comes to you fresh from our local workshop. "

Free samples, anyone?
The smile never left my face
as I sampled each of five different types of chocolate,
all handmade right there.
The kicker?
These are clean bars of chocolate,
which meant that because they only contained 4 ingredients,
C was able to sample them too!
With his multiple food sensitivities,
this just never happens.
The smile almost turned to (happy) tears,
when I saw him delighting in each tidbit,
just like everyone else!

Along with chocolates and handmade fudge,
baked goods and coffees were available for purchase.
You can be sure we will return.

We were on the hunt for the Mast General Store,
which was just down the street.

Enroute, we spied this unusual sign
for dog owners only!

Ah, our destination had been reached.
Mast General Store was a welcome curiosity.
We always relish exploring historical structures,
be they homesteads, mills or public buildings.

Typical of a large-scale mercantile,
inventory from axes to Zippo lighters could be found.
Our favorite room was this display of vintage games, toys
and other old-school paraphernalia.
We spent some time reminiscing together about
some of the trinkets of our youth.

C busied himself tidying up the vehicle display.
Now, if only he'd do this in his bedroom.

Old-time treats were contained in barrels
and just waiting to be taken home and savored.

This little gem caught my eye,
and my funny bone!

Two vintage coolers remain in place,

in case shoppers need some refreshment.
This one even has a bottle opener on the front.
Remember when glass soda bottles had metal caps?
(And soda was a once-in-a-while treat?)

These day trips are working out just fine.
We can get away and see new places,
but be home in time to sleep in our own beds.
With plenty of our new state yet to traverse,
we are sure to learn so much more.

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