Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Why You Should Homestead Now

Do you feel a pull toward homesteading but don't know how to begin?
Do you live in the city or suburbia and feel like you're stuck?
When you visit a farm, does it feel like you belong there?
These whispers in your heart may be a signal
that you are ready to homestead.

Being in touch with what matters in your life is the first step.
If you enjoy making things yourself,
or excel at using what you have and making it work,
you may already be a homesteader.
The basic homestead philosophy is
"Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without."
Even if you don't already live by this motto,
it's a skill that can be acquired if the desire is strong.

 Waiting for the ideal time or circumstance to start your homestead is pointless.
Once the homesteading bug bites,
a flurry of information will lead you to pursue your goals.
 It doesn't mean that you have to live like a pioneer,
unless that's part of your dream.

Make a wish list of the skills you want to acquire.
Figure out how to do that,
whether it's through reading, videos, or
finding folks who can teach you from their experience. 

There is always someone who is going to know what you want to learn.
Taking classes or workshops through your local extension center is another option.
You'll find that as proficiency is attained,
the yearn to collect new knowledge will increase.
There are so many life skills that can be procured,
and practicing them in daily life hones them even more.

Visiting local farms or ranches can spark ideas
about what important first steps might be.
Do you want to grow your own food?
Are animals an integral part of your plan?
Perhaps you'd like to build furniture, crochet, knit, 
or sew and sell your wares at the farmers' market.
Pay attention to what feels right for you.
Connecting with like-minded people
can really motivate you to pursue your dream.

self-watering container

Homesteaders are great do-it-yourselfers.
We appreciate what we have,
so we try to keep it in good working order.
If possible, when things break down,
we figure out how to fix it ourselves,
rather than rely on someone else to do it,
or having to replace things all the time.
It means that we are a creative bunch,
fashioning gizmos from what we have lying around,
or repurposing common objects to suit our needs.
There is a great deal of satisfaction
knowing that you can keep your homestead running smoothly. 


The reason you need to start homesteading now
is because there is so much to learn!
Regardless of your living circumstances,
there is a way to foster the homesteading lifestyle.
As a suburban dweller,
it's possible to have animals, a clothesline, a compost pile, 
a garden, rain barrels, and a host of unending ideas to explore.
Even city folks can grow herbs and veggies in pots
or learn to bake their own bread.
Of course, if you have a bit more property,
the options increase exponentially.
Listen to your inner voice
and it will start you on your path.
I encourage you to begin your quest now.
You'll be so glad you did.


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