Friday, February 9, 2018

Garden Friday

On this Garden Friday,
the garden is in a state of transition.
As temperatures are getting a bit more tolerable,
we are excitedly awaiting the onset of the spring garden.

Here is what remains of the fall/winter crops.
The cold weather has taken its toll on some plants,
while others just seemed to go along for the ride.

 The shallots are still doing just fine.
These weren't phased in the least by the cold,
snow or ice!
Amazing how something can still be green after all of that.

 The remaining broccoli head doesn't look like
it wants to do anything but wrap itself up in its leaves.
I'm thinking of starting some new seeds for spring,
but not sure how well it will do if its gets warm quickly.
I guess it's just seed, so why not try?

In the wooded area of our property,
I've had a couple of projects going.
One was to tidy up this leaf bed.
I'm hoping that I can use what's under here
to lay down a foundation of good, loose compost.
It's so great having a spot on the property just for dried leaves.
Goodness knows, we get our share!

This is the area we call "Old Man Kelsey's Woods".
If you are an Andy Griffith fan,
you'll know where the name comes from.
(Hint:  Ernest T. Bass)
See the green compost bin in the center of the picture?
We've been using that since we moved in here last summer,
so it will soon be dumped and examined to see what goodies might lie in wait.
The leaf pile is just to the left of the bin.
When the trees start leafing out,
this area is so private,
no neighbors in sight.

 Here is Kelsey's Woods from the street side,
facing the side of our house.
C and I have been working on clearing out the dead wood
and tidying it up in there.
With most of the trees being deciduous,
it has made it much easier to tackle this job.
We still have a way to go,
but the new Saw-zall that Big K picked up
has made it a breeze.
I think it's my favorite new toy.

I don't know what this nasty varmint is,
but it is certainly a nuisance.
This stuff grows up from the ground
and wraps itself all through the branches.
The thorns are razor-sharp,
so long sleeves and long pants are a necessity.

This is one of the piles of this obnoxious invader.
I may add vinegar to the sites where I cut it off at the quick
because I surely don't want to have to fight this off again.

We have a full week of rain in the forecast ahead,
so I am hoping to get out this weekend and start some seeds.
I'm still a bit unsure of how the spring garden will look.
I'm vacillating between sticking with containers,
or creating some raised beds for growing our spring veggies.
The organizer in me prefers the tidy look of a bed,
without the mismatched pots to look at.
We're also planning to restart the straw bale garden.
If the weather continues to warm up,
I imagine I'll be feeling a bit more ambitious,
so perhaps I may create some raised beds,
and maybe I can even rope C into helping me.

How's your spring garden planning coming along?

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