Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Joy List

Have you ever thought about making a Joy List?
It occurred to me all of the sudden
that I was feeling oh-so-content in so many arenas
that I had to make a mental note of what was happening.
I've been laughing more as well,
right out loud!

 Part of it comes from downsizing my belongings.
By finding new homes for all but the necessities,
my world opens up to new opportunities.
Keeping only what I truly love
or what has the deepest meaning for me
allows me to make space for new experiences, new vistas.
Organization has always been a natural affinity,
and using it in my everyday life validates my very being. 
I am being true to myself in every way.

Another aspect of this newfound inner contentment
comes from the realization that what I do is important,
even though there is no paycheck.
Keeping this family organized, feeding my people,
and nurturing them in any way I can
is the most vital position I could ever have.
It doesn't matter what one does for a living,
as long as it holds a significant place in the heart.

I realized there were so many nuances of joy
showing themselves to me.
Things that might not ring true for everyone (or anyone),
but just make my heart sing.
Compiling this list helps me reflect on 
just how much God is helping me on my way.

These are some of the items that currently ice my cupcake!

The Joy List 

~ Snow
~ Experiencing the awakening of each season
~  Heeding the voice that whispers, "Talk Less, Listen More"
~  My morning cup of percolated joe
~  Being able to pay bills on time
~  Watching the birds eat our offerings, build nests and enjoy our yard
~  Creating something useful with repurposed items
~  Using my organizational skills to help my family and others
~  Watching seeds sprouting 
~  Being able to see the sunrise every morning
~  Having a home where I feel nurtured and safe
~  Being able to use cash for our day-to-day expenses
~  My daily morning hugs from C
~ Fostering nature by caring for our homestead
~  My dream (paid) job presenting itself to me

For these, and so many other things,
I am truly grateful.

What's on your Joy List these days?

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