Friday, February 23, 2018

Garden Friday

It's Garden Friday!
Signs of spring are poppin' up all over the place! 
Just look at this sweet daff that graces one of our front beds.
It makes me smile every time I come up the drive.

We're updating the progress on the seedlings from last week.
Both types of kale were the first to emerge
and are still going strong.

This is the Vates variety that is still growing strong.
It was planted last fall. 

What a thrill to see the green beans showing themselves yesterday!
This is the Slenderette variety, which is a bush bean
and has the most tender pods you could ever sample.

The Buttercrunch and Red Salad Bowl lettuces are jumping for the sun.
These will be transplanted into bigger pots when the time is right.
Some thinning may be necessary as well,
and I've learned to simply snip off the extra shoots instead of pulling them out.
This disturbs the remaining seedlings a bit less.
Lettuce will be sown every few weeks
to keep the good stuff growing.

 Broccoli has begun germinating
and I'm hoping that warmer temperatures don't come before we can harvest some.

I may be taking a chance,
but I went ahead and sowed some flowers as well.
I found some bagged gravel by the side of the house
and used it for drainage in this terra cotta pot.
Allyssum and Johnny Jump-Ups were planted here.

This bed in the front of the porch is a work in progress.
We will be creating a butterfly garden here,
using staggered planting to replace all the tall bushes
that are currently in place.
The bush on the far left will be relocated,
as it attracts pollinators.
I'm so looking forward to making this transformation.

 This week we were able to wear shorts and t-shirts again!
Wow, what a drastic change from just a couple of weeks ago.
Mother Nature may still have a few surprises in store for us.
For now, I'm just stoked about getting to sow some magical seeds!

 What's happening with your spring garden prep?


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