Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Signs of Spring

It's been a mild winter here in Central North Carolina.
Fortunately for us, we've had only one snow event.
Coming from Central Florida in the dead of winter
turned out to be a great thing.
Now we get to see our first "true" spring come alive.

Signs of the earth waking up from a deep sleep are all around us...

reminding us that Mother Nature is ever working to create

the amazing world around us.
Can I just tell you how thrilled I am to have daffs growing on the property?
Daffodils are one of those seasonal blooms that I couldn't grow in Central Florida,
but always coveted from afar.
Yeah, I admit it.   
I had daff envy.

Can you really blame me? 
Every morning when I go out for my walk,
I pass these beauties and feel so blessed to be able to watch them bloom.

I think these are hyacinth.
I am grateful for the soul who planted these
so that I can enjoy them now.

Many of the plants on this rental property had gone dormant in the winter,
so I have no idea what they are.
Even after they begin blossoming, I may not recognize them,
as the slow process of learning begins.
In Florida, our garden was mostly natives or Florida-friendly,
so in this zone 7 climate, 
I am starting (quite contentedly) from scratch.
These look to me to be azaleas, but I really can't say for sure.

Most of the rest of the established plants here I don't recognize,
even though they are coming into flower.

I guess I have my research ahead of me.
It's an assignment that I will gladly embrace.

This bush reminds me of tiny snowballs.
I thought I would take cuttings for inside the house.
A snowball bouquet?

One thing is certain-the birds love nesting in all of the bushes
that surround the front porch.
It's a treat to watch them every morning,
as they come to partake in the birdseed left for them on the front steps. 

This canary-colored lovely seemed to be drooping,
so I did what any self-respecting gardener would do.
I watered it.
It didn't make one bit of difference. 
Maybe it's a weeping something-or-other?
I'm clueless, but by next spring,
I hope to have a better idea of what some of these plants are.


Spring has sprung and we are ready for it.
It's an exhilarating time of year for those of us who prefer 
to have our hands in the soil. 
What's on your list of things to do to get ready for spring gardening?   

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