Friday, February 3, 2017

February Friday Fotos

Where in the world did January go?
Oh my stars, it just all goes too fast.
Are you with me on that?

Anywho, nothing major is happening here at the moment.
We are continuing our search for the perfect homestead.
Big K got a temporary job and started this week.
We are enjoying seasonal living as much as possible,
but didn't expect temperatures to fluctuate as much as they have.
 It's all rather random.
So, an aimless post of recent pictures seems in order.

Each morning, these bushes in front of the east facing porch
treat us to an array of birds.

We have placed some bird seed on various parts of the porch,
and get to witness their feeding through the front window.
Several nests have been found in these bushes
(I don't know what they are because all the leaves are gone).
Birdwatching is a fabulous way to start out a cold winter day.

A compost pile has been started on the entrance to the woods
in the side yard.
I just gathered some twigs and branches from surrounding trees
to use as a frame, and will fill in with kitchen scraps, leaves and other materials.
We have been using direct composting around the shrubs since we got here,
but I really wanted to get a good compost pile going
and see if it will decompose enough before our lease is up.
Garden experiments are a wonderful learning tool.

How much am I diggin' that we have dead grass-
and nobody cares!
Having lived in an HOA community for the past 11 years,
this is really something to celebrate!
We have plans to burn the HOA papers in a bonfire sometime in the near future.

I have a lot to learn about the plant life here.
This grassy edging around some of the trees has stayed green
through cold and snow.
It's nice to have a bit of color out there on the yard.

 Signs of spring?
This bush has been budding already for a week.

 A few goodies were left behind by the last tenants.
This spade, the tomato cages and some potting soil
will all be used come springtime.

 Cans have been saved to be used as planting vessels,
so that seedlings can be started just after Valentine's Day.
That's when tomato plants are started around here.
It won't be that long!

The winter has its own rhythm,
as do all seasons.
We are happy for the slower pace of life,
as we find the True North in God's plan for us.
Good things are awaiting us.
I just know it.

"Only with winter-patience can we bring
The deep desired, long-awaited spring."
-Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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